Organic-Bio Fenugreek Powder ผงลูกซัด
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Organic-Bio Fenugreek Powder ผงลูกซัด

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Natural Efe | Spices & Herbs | Fenugreek Powder ผงลูกซัด 85g

Weight : 85g

Import from India


Benefits of fenugreek powder : Fenugreek is consist with a lot of food fiber that good for digestive tract, Can relief of reflux acid, Good for excretory system, This also reduce amount of sugar and fat that absorb to body.

Nutritional Facts :

1. Protein 1g

2. Total Carbohydrates 2g

3. Dietary Fiber 1g

4. Calories 11Kcal

5. Calcium 1%

6. Iron 7%

General compasition on serving size (1 tbsp = 5g)