Yogi Tea Organic Turmeric Orange
Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea Organic Turmeric Orange

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Natural Efe / Yogi Tea Organic Turmeric Orange

Weight : 34.0g (17 Teabags | 2g)

Import from Germany

Yogi Tea Organic Turmeric Orange is a carefully crafted herbal tea blend that combines the rich, earthy tones of turmeric with the refreshing zest of orange peel. This organic concoction is further enhanced with a mix of exotic spices, including cinnamon and ginger, to create a deeply soothing and invigorating infusion. Perfect for those seeking a natural wellness boost, this tea offers a unique taste experience that warms the body and lifts the spirit. Its ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and certified organic, ensuring a pure and potent cup every time. Enjoy the comforting embrace of this turmeric and orange blend, a delicious way to incorporate the benefits of these powerful ingredients into your daily routine.