Organic / Bio Oregano Herbal Herb
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Organic / Bio Oregano Herbal Herb

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Organic / Bio Oregano Herbal Herb
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Import from Greece

Oregano Herbal is the same plant as the mint. It is an Italian food pairing spice. As we are used to sprinkling oregano powder on top of pizza because it smells good and makes pizza. It's delicious, but oregano can actually be eaten fresh or dried. Many Help get rid of fat in the blood It has high antioxidants, has a hot effect, relieves muscle pain. Fresh leaves have a strong aroma, but not equal to dry. Or can be extracted into oil Mix marinated meat and fish to deodorize fishy smell. Makes it fragrant and delicious to eat like "Rosemary" leaves.

Oregano is an excellent source of vitamin K and a very good source of Manganese,that is why it is believed it is Iron rich, it is the Manganese that transmutes to Iron, as the saying goes, " If you need Iron, take mangan", after 4 hours you will be supplied for the day. It also has quality dietary fiber.