Organic / Bio Freez-Dried Acai Berry Powder
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Organic / Bio Freez-Dried Acai Berry Powder

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Organic/Bio Freez-Dried Acai Berry Powder

Weight : 100g

Each serving of our freeze dry acai contains highly concentrated acai fruit powder. Remember, when drying and powdering certain products that have a high water content, such as fresh acai berries, we can concentrate the most beneficial properties from each superfood. This super food berry is known to contain a balanced omega fatty acid profile and the dark purple pigments found in acai help to eliminate toxins from the body. These purple pigments also mean that our freeze dried acai contains unique antioxidants to enhance the immune system and boost energy levels, particularly to the brain for mental alertness.

How to use: use 1 teaspoon of acai. freeze dry 1-2 times per day. Mix with smoothies, juice, water or non-dairy milk. Organic sweetener is recommended as the powder itself is quite bitter. 2tsp of powder can be mixed with frozen berries, bananas and ice to create a single serving acai bowl.