Organic / Bio Almond Flour
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Organic / Bio Almond Flour

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Organic / Bio Almond Flour

Weight : 500g

Organic / Bio Almond flour is suitable for people who have problems with gluten.

Nutritional Benefits & its Contribution

Also higher in antioxidants than traditional flours, which helps prevent cell damage caused by free radicals in our environment. Almond flour has both a low glycemic index and can help reduce cholesterol levels, also making it an ideal choice for diabetic consumers. It also helps control the build up of insulin and glucose. Almond flour is also a good source of calcium to maintain bone health and boosts brain functions due to its omega 3 fatty acid content.

How to use

How to use: Use in a 1:1 ratio with any traditional baking flours. Almond flour tends to hold more moisture than wheat four and typically doesn't bind as well, so you may need to adjust accordingly.