Organic / Bio Aloe Vera Powder
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Organic / Bio Aloe Vera Powder

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Organic / Bio Aloe Vera Powder

Weight : 100g

Aloe Vera is very popular due to its ability to soothe sunburn, as well as internal inflammatory issues including hemorrhoids and other digestive ailments. It is also beneficial in cases of acne, eczema and psoriasis due to its calming effect and ability to decrease itchiness and topical inflammation. The cooling and soothing effect of aloe vera is known to help move waste and other toxins out of the colon, especially during a detox program.

How to use: Using aloe vera powder means less mess and quick cleanup when compared to using fresh plant material or other gels. 2 teaspoons can be taken internally everyday, but higher doses may cause a laxative effect. Mix 2 teaspoons with water and other oils to create a hydrating hair treatment as a wash or in a spray bottle for quick application. This same mixture can be used as a skin spray for the face and body.