Organic-Bio Baobab Powder
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Organic-Bio Baobab Powder

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Organic / Bio Baobab Powder

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Our Baobab powder comes from the fruit of the baobab tree native to Madagascar and is rich with vitamin C and iron. Baobab provides a boost to the immune system and also has the ability to modulate the release of glucose and insulin in the blood. The soluable and insoluable fiber present in the fruit can also help reduce blood cholesterol and unwanted fats in the body.

Dosage: Take 2 tablespoons of Baobab Powder daily.

How to use: Mix in water, juice, tea or smoothie. Great when used in rotation with other high botanical vitamin C powders such as rosehip and camu camu.

🌳There's a legendary Baobab grows in dry, hot savannas of African continent.
It is very much cherished and called by indigenous people "Tree of Life" for its ability to provide water, food and shelter in those extremely difficult to survive conditions. And the very fruit that produced by this amazing tree - Baobab superfruit, is the only fruit in the world that dries on the branch which allows the pulp naturally dehydrate.
☝🏼This unique powdered pulp is exceptionally nutrient-rich superfood with a delicious sweet and citrusy flavour that is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants and provides a wide range of health benefits.
📣Here is what we can share about it:
⭐️Baobab fruit is considered to be one if the highest ALKALINE foods available that are the key to longevity and prevention and cure of chronic diseases.
⭐️Baobab powder is almost 50% soluble and insoluble FIBRE which makes it a powerful PREBIOTIC that feeds gut microbiome, and mild natural laxative agent, helping with elimination of toxins and promoting healthy appetite control. Fiber content helps to slow down release of sugars into the blood stream, decreasing energy spikes, also can improve blood cholesterol and reduce visceral fat.
⭐️It contains more ANTIOXIDANTS than any other whole fruit, including acai berry, blueberries and pomegranates.
Antioxidants reduce damage done by free radicals, that appears from pollution and toxins in the air we breath, our water and food supply, personal care, as well as from stress. That makes it a fantastic Anti-aging medium.
⭐️Baobab powder is a remarkable source of immune boosting VITAMIN C that beats oranges by almost six times. A single serving (2-3 teaspoons) provides about 33% of your daily vitamin C requirement. It contributes to supple, glowing skin, high energy levels, normal metabolism, and robust general health.
⭐️It is a natural source of ELECTROLYTES.
Abundant in potassium (almost six times more than banana) and magnesium, which are important for the nervous system and muscle function. It's essential to replenish minerals lost after sweating and workouts. So this superfood is a perfect addition to athletes diet.
🍀As it is all natural source of these nutrients, it is more bioavailable than manufactured supplements, meaning our body can absorb them more easily and efficiently.
🥄Sprinkle some of the powder on your breakfast, add it to your juice, smoothie, protein shake. Drop a spoonful of powder into your water bottle for extra energy boost and lovely taste.
Stay nourished, energized and beautiful 💚
In Nature We Trust 🌱


Органический / био порошок баобаба

Вес: 50 г

Наш порошок баобаба производится из плодов дерева баобаб, произрастающего на Мадагаскаре, и богат витамином С и железом. Баобаб укрепляет иммунную систему, а также может регулировать выброс глюкозы и инсулина в кровь. Растворимая и нерастворимая клетчатка, присутствующая во фруктах, также может помочь снизить уровень холестерина в крови и нежелательных жиров в организме.

Дозировка: Принимайте 2 столовые ложки порошка баобаба в день.

Способ применения: смешать с водой, соком, чаем или смузи. Прекрасно сочетается с другими порошками с высоким содержанием витамина С, такими как шиповник и каму-каму