Organic / Bio Broken Chlorella Powder
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Organic / Bio Broken Chlorella Powder

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Organic / Bio Broken Chlorella Powder

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Broken cell wall chlorella is a special preparation of chlorella that has had the cell wall broken open to greatly enhance absorbability. Typically this is done by running the fresh chlorella through pressure vacuum that effectively breaks open the tough outer exterior of the algae, making the product much more bioavailable in the human body. 

Chlorella contains between 8-10% chlorophyll, making it the most concentrated source of this precious nutrient on earth. Chlorophyll is a master detoxifier and alkalizer while oxygenating and repairing every cell in the body.

Nothing on earth grows more quickly than chlorella algae. This "chlorella growth factor" which is described as a water-soluble extract containing complete amino acid proteins, peptides, vitamins, sugars and nucleic acids. This growth factor reigns supreme for virtually any kind of consumer to receive a host of benefits from. Old, young, detoxifying, building muscle and everyone is between can benefit from adding this top superfood into their diets every day. A top choice for children on any sort of learning or disability spectrum as chlorella is known to boost brain and immune system function.

How to use : We recommend working a tablespoon into your diet daily, starting slowly as the detoxification effects may cause uncomfortable symptoms and mood swings as the gut microbiome begins to balance itself. Chlorella has a strong fishy smell and taste, so be sure to use this product in recipes that can effectively mask the flavor as smoothies with other, tastier ingredients.