Organic / Bio Buckwheat Grains
Organic / Bio Buckwheat Grains
Organic / Bio Buckwheat Grains
Organic / Bio Buckwheat Grains
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Organic / Bio Buckwheat Grains

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Organic / Bio Buckwheat Grains

Weight : 500g / 1kg

Buckwheat Grains is organic, non GMO, certified organic. One of the healthiest grains of all ages.

Nutritional Benefits & Its Contribution :

- High Protein Content

-Low Glycemic Index

-Complex Carbohydrates

-Aids weight loss due to its easy digestibility and high nutrition value.

- Highest Rutin Content. Rutin is legendary known to promote longevity among northern people.

- Potassium essential for muscle, nerves and heart

- Phosphorus metabolic for Proteins and Carbohydrates

- Magnesium is a key component for Calcium creation

-Calcium from bones to brain essential for various functions

-Thiamin necessary for sugar metabolism

-Niacin for nervous system, skin and digestive track

-Vitamin K for blood coagulation, liver functions and vitality

-Vitamin B6 good for metabolism of proteins and fats



How to cook :

Cook the buckwheat grains in one and a half amount of water. Add salt. At start of boiling point, cover, cook for 10 minutes. Lower heat to a minimum, let it sit covered for 15 minutes more. Cover. Ready to eat.

 Lightly  roasted in the oven or skillet, to be added to salads, muesli, sauces, health bars, desserts and noodles.


Warning/Caution :

Keep out of direct sunlight and moisture.