Organic-Bio Burdock Powder ผงหญ้าเจ้าชู้ 100g
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Organic-Bio Burdock Powder ผงหญ้าเจ้าชู้ 100g

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Organic/BIO Burdock Powder ผงหญ้าเจ้าชู้ 100g

Weight : 100g

Burdock Root Powder: Nature's Nutrient-Packed Secret

Burdock Root Powder, derived from the robust Arctium lappa plant, boasts a rich history dating back centuries. Native to Europe and Asia, this plant has been prized for its culinary and medicinal attributes. Our Burdock Root Powder, proudly vegan, gluten-free, and bio-organic, unlocks the wholesome goodness of nature for a variety of applications.

Burdock Root Powder has a mildly earthy and slightly sweet flavor, making it a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. Its fine texture blends effortlessly into a variety of recipes, enhancing both flavor and nutrition. This versatile powder can be used in soups, stews, teas, or as a seasoning for roasted vegetables, adding a unique depth to your dishes.

Features Based on Ingredients:

  • Arctium lappa (Burdock Root): A natural source of dietary fiber, burdock root is known for its ability to support digestive health. It also contains antioxidants, such as quercetin, which can help combat free radicals.

Health Benefits:

  • Digestive Support: Burdock root's fiber content aids in digestion, promoting a healthy gut.
  • Antioxidant Properties: The presence of quercetin helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

Product Usage:

  • Add a teaspoon of Burdock Root Powder to your morning smoothie for an extra nutritional boost.
  • Enhance the flavor of your favorite soups and stews by incorporating Burdock Root Powder.
  • Infuse Burdock Root Powder into a relaxing herbal tea to enjoy its natural benefits.

Nutritional Facts (per 1 tsp serving):

  • Calories: 10 kcal
  • Total Carbohydrates: 2g
  • Dietary Fiber: 1g

Suggested Portion Size: 1 tsp (5 grams)

Simple Vegetarian Recipes:

  1. Vegan Burdock Root Smoothie:
  • Ingredients: 1 tsp Burdock Root Powder, 1 banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tbsp honey (or alternative sweetener)
  • Preparation: Blend all ingredients until smooth.
  • Consumption: Enjoy as a nutritious breakfast or post-workout snack.
  1. Burdock Root Snack Mix:
  • Ingredients: 2 tsp Burdock Root Powder, mixed nuts, dried fruits, a pinch of salt, 1 tbsp maple syrup (or alternative sweetener)
  • Preparation: Toss ingredients together and bake at 350°F (175°C) for 10-15 minutes.
  • Consumption: A perfect on-the-go snack for a quick energy boost.
  1. Burdock Root Facial Mask:
  • Ingredients: 1 tsp Burdock Root Powder, 2 tsp water
  • Preparation: Mix to form a paste, apply to clean face, and leave for 15 minutes.
  • Consumption: Ideal for rejuvenating and cleansing your skin.
  1. Burdock Root Detox Tea:
  • Ingredients: 1 tsp Burdock Root Powder, 1 cup hot water, a squeeze of lemon, 1 tsp honey (or alternative sweetener)
  • Preparation: Steep Burdock Root Powder in hot water, add lemon and sweetener.
  • Consumption: A soothing detox beverage to support your well-being.
  1. Using Expired Product:

If your Burdock Root Powder has expired, it can still be used as a natural exfoliant in homemade scrubs or composted for eco-friendly disposal.


Burdock Root Powder offers a glimpse into the wealth of benefits that nature provides. It's an invaluable addition to the pantry of health-conscious individuals, vegans, and those seeking to enrich their culinary creations with bio-organic goodness. Whether you're looking to enhance your dishes, boost your well-being, or explore creative recipes, Burdock Root Powder is the natural choice for a balanced and nutritious lifestyle.