Organic / Bio Cacao Powder
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Organic / Bio Cacao Powder

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Organic / Bio Cacao Powder

Weight : 200g

Our Organic Cacao Powder comes from the highest quality Criollo variety, originating in Peru. Criollo (cree-oy-yo) is the original and heirloom variety of cacao known for producing the richest flavors and most complete nutritional profile. 90% of the worlds cacao and cocoa supply comes from 2 other varieties of cacao, known for their easy commercial growing conditions and higher yields. These commercial raw materials produce a low quality finished product with a much less impressive nutritional profile. The trees of the Criollo variety from which our cacao powder is sourced are of a mature age which produces the highest quality, sustainably farmed cacao products. Whole cacao bean, cacao nibs, cacao paste, powder and cacao butter are all produced from this fruit tree and available for purchase here at our website.

Cacao is known to be one of the highest natural sources of magnesium and antioxidants, as well as several very special constituents known to produce the brains most potent "feel good" chemicals. These constituents include anandamide, phenethylamine and theobromine which can mimic the same chemical reaction the brain experiences when producing feelings of love and connection. These qualities can provide relief to bodily systems that are overloaded with toxins due to stressful lifestyles. We recommend a powerful "feel good" blend of cacao, mucuna and rosehip powder to flood the brain with everything it needs to rebalance neurotransmitter production.

How to use

Cacao usually provides a boost of energy and is not recommended to be consumed late at night. Cacao is a staple in many raw food dessert recipes. Remember this 100% cacao product is very bitter, so taste should be adjusted with your choice of natural sweetener or sweetener alternative. We recommend using this product in raw food preparation only, as heat from cooking will greatly diminish its most beneficial properties.

Single serving size is 1 tablespoon.