Organic / Bio Cinnamon Powder
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Organic / Bio Cinnamon Powder

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Organic / Bio Cinnamon Powder

Weight : 100g

Our Cinnamon Powder is non GMO, Certified Organic and Bio Certified.

Ceylon Cinnamon is mainly used as an aromatic condiment and flavoring additive because of its sweet and savory property which was use in a wide variety of cuisines. 

Nutritional Composition & its Health Benefits

Cinnamon is rich in Calcium, a good source of Iron and dietary fiber. Iron is an important component in having a healthy red blood cells. Calcium takes part in promoting bone health. Dietary Fiber is essential in maintaining bowel health and cholesterol, blood sugar and lipid levels.

Cinnamon has been found to exerts a blood glucose-suppressing effect, thus, improving the body's response to insulin.

Other therapeutic benefits includes ease allergies, reduce development of ulcers, support digestive function and relieves pain in muscles and joints.

Where to use

Cinnamon can be used to add flavor to almost any food or beverage. Since it acts as natural natural preservatives, it is perfect to combine in the following:

  • Baked vegetable or fruit
  • Add flavor on your favorite dessert
  • Spice up in baking
  • Can add on your coffee or smoothie
  • Granola
  • Pudding