Organic / Bio Couscous
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Organic / Bio Couscous

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Our Couscous is organic, non GMO and bio certified. It is a coarsely-ground durum wheat (semolina) which is moistened and tossed with fine wheat flour until it forms tiny, round balls to then being left sun-dried and stored.

Where to use
It is traditionally served with a stew spooned on top but nowadays it can be served to accompany grilled vegetables, or as filling on any dish together with tomatoes, peppers, etc. Couscous is also added in any soup, beans or legumes, and salads. It is a highly nutritional breakfast and also turned into a special dessert when mixed with dried fruits, nuts, butter and natural sweetener.

How to cook
Couscous is steamed over a simmered stew after being tossed with a little water or oil and water or put in colander.It is usually ready within 15’-20’ after it is covered by the pot lid. Don’t forget to stir evenly from time to time to prevent any lumps. Another option to cook it is to boil the water in a pan, remove the heat and add couscous about 1:1 ratio and then leave it for 5’ to make it swell and soft until ready.