Organic-Bio | Helichrysum Herb Tea ชาสมุนไพร ดอกเฮลิไคลซัม 50g
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Organic-Bio | Helichrysum Herb Tea ชาสมุนไพร ดอกเฮลิไคลซัม 50g

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OOrganic-Bio | Helichrysum Herb Tea ชาสมุนไพร ดอกเฮลิไคลซัม 50g

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Golden Helichrysum Elixir: A Sip of Timeless Tradition

Helichrysum Herbal Tea, derived from the Helichrysum italicum plant, offers an enchanting journey through nature's serenity. Native to the Mediterranean region, this herbal delight has been savored for its robust flavor and natural properties for centuries. Aromatic and comforting, its unique essence invites a sensory experience reminiscent of the rich landscapes where it originates.

With a subtle, earthy taste, Helichrysum Herbal Tea showcases hints of fresh hay and soft floral undertones. Its caffeine-free composition ensures a relaxing sip anytime of the day, while its features—vegan, gluten-free, and bio-organic—make it an ideal choice for those seeking purity in every brew.

Features Based on Ingredients:

  • Helichrysum italicum: The sole ingredient in this tea, Helichrysum italicum is a Mediterranean plant renowned for its golden flowers and aromatic scent, contributing to the tea’s distinct and soothing flavor.

Health Benefits:

  • Caffeine-Free: Ideal for those avoiding stimulants, allowing for restful sleep.
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free: Accessible for individuals with dietary restrictions, ensuring everyone can partake in this herbal delight.
  • Bio-Organic: Cultivated without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, promoting a healthy environment and a pure tasting experience.

Product Usage:

  • Brewing: For a standard cup, steep 1-2 teaspoons in boiling water for 5-7 minutes.
  • Cooling: Makes for a refreshing iced tea during warmer months. Simply cool and add ice.

Nutritional Information (per 250ml serving / 1 cup):

  • Calories: 2
  • Macronutrients:
    • Carbohydrates: 0.5g
    • Proteins: 0g
    • Fats: 0g
  • Micronutrients:
    • Manganese: 30% DV

Suggested Portion: 1-2 teaspoons (5-10g) for optimal health benefits.


  • Vegan Helichrysum Latte:
    • Ingredients: 1 teaspoon Helichrysum tea, 250ml almond milk, 1 tablespoon agave syrup, pinch of cinnamon.
    • Preparation: Brew tea as instructed. Warm almond milk and mix with the tea. Add agave syrup.
    • Consumption: Enjoy warm with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
    • Storage: Best consumed fresh.
  • Helichrysum Facial Toner:
    • Ingredients: Brewed Helichrysum tea, 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar.
    • Preparation: Mix the brewed tea with apple cider vinegar.
    • Consumption: Use a cotton ball to apply onto cleansed skin.
    • Storage: Store in a cool place for up to a week.
  • Detox Helichrysum Lemonade:
    • Ingredients: 250ml brewed Helichrysum tea, juice of 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon maple syrup.
    • Preparation: Mix all ingredients.
    • Consumption: Drink chilled for a refreshing detox.
    • Storage: Consume within 2 days, refrigerate.
  • Expired Helichrysum Sachets Potpourri:
    • Ingredients: Expired Helichrysum tea sachets, essential oils (optional).
    • Preparation: Open the sachets and spread the tea onto a tray.
    • Consumption: Place in areas needing freshening.
    • Storage: Use until aroma fades. Add a few drops of essential oils for enhanced scent.


The Golden Helichrysum Elixir encapsulates a blend of tradition and nature. It's more than just a tea—it's a homage to time-honored practices. Whether you're seeking a serene sip after a long day, a natural skincare solution, or a pure detoxifying drink, this tea promises a wholesome experience. Ideal for those leading a conscious lifestyle, Helichrysum Herbal Tea is a testament to nature's unparalleled beauty and potency.