Organic / Bio Jamaican Pepper
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Organic / Bio Jamaican Pepper

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Organic / Bio Jamaican Pepper

Weight : 100g

Jamaican Pepper can use in a lot of menu such as sweet and savory dishes including mulled drinks, Christmas pudding, pickles and marinades  Hibiscus Cranberry Sauce, Cashew Chilate
Sticky Guava Barbecue Drumsticks , Iced Café de Olla.

Not only delicious but the benefits of this is a lot also such as relief cramps and also good for digestive system, This also improve immunity of your body. This spice also good for dental health. The another benefit such as increase blood flow circulation. Also good for made your bone get stronger. This also good for dietary because of its improve metabolism system. This also improve your brain function such as protect you from memory loss.