Organic/Bio Mint Tea | ชามินต์ 50g
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Organic/Bio Mint Tea | ชามินต์ 50g

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Organic/Bio Mint Tea | ชามินต์ 50g

Weight : 50g

Refreshing Mint Tea: A Natural Blend of Pure Mentha spp.

Originating from ancient herbal traditions, our Mint Tea is a testament to nature's purity. Crafted from Mentha spp., this caffeine-free infusion has been enjoyed for centuries. Its invigorating minty flavor and versatile nature make it a delightful addition to your daily routine.

Flavor: Our Mint Tea boasts a refreshing and invigorating flavor with a crisp, clean finish. The natural menthol aroma offers a soothing and cooling sensation, making it an ideal choice for both relaxation and revitalization.


  • Mentha spp.: This tea is made exclusively from the Mentha spp. plant, ensuring a genuine minty experience.
  • Caffeine-Free: A perfect choice for those seeking a caffeine-free beverage option.
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free: It aligns with dietary preferences, catering to vegan and gluten-free lifestyles.
  • Bio-organic: Cultivated with utmost care, our Mint Tea is certified bio-organic, guaranteeing the absence of synthetic pesticides or chemicals.

Health Benefits:

  • Digestive Aid: Mint Tea can help alleviate indigestion and soothe an upset stomach.
  • Oral Health: Its natural menthol can freshen breath and promote oral hygiene.
  • Stress Relief: Mint's calming properties can ease stress and anxiety.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: It may offer relief from mild inflammation.

Product Usage:

Brew 1 teaspoon of Mint Tea leaves in 8 oz (240 ml) of hot water for 3-5 minutes. Customize the steeping time for your desired strength. Enjoy it hot or cold.

Nutritional Facts (Per Serving):

  • Calories: 0 kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 0 g
  • Protein: 0 g
  • Fat: 0 g
  • Dietary Fiber: 0 g

Micronutrients (DV% per serving):

  • Vitamin A: 0%
  • Vitamin C: 0%
  • Calcium: 0%
  • Iron: 0%

Suggested Portion Size:

For optimal benefits, consume 1-2 cups daily. (240-480 ml)

Vegetarian Recipes:

  • Vegan Mint Tea Smoothie
    • Ingredients: Mint Tea (chilled), frozen mixed berries, almond milk, agave syrup.
    • Preparation: Blend 1 cup of chilled Mint Tea with 1/2 cup mixed berries, 1/2 cup almond milk, and a drizzle of agave syrup.
    • Consumption: Perfect for a refreshing breakfast or post-workout snack.
    • Storage: Store any leftover smoothie in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 24 hours.
  • Mint Tea Facial Toner
    • Ingredients: Mint Tea (cooled), cotton pads.
    • Preparation: Dip a cotton pad in cooled Mint Tea and gently apply to your face.
    • Consumption: Use as a natural facial toner to refresh and revitalize your skin.
    • Storage: Store any remaining toner in the fridge for up to a week.
  • Mint Tea Detox Water
    • Ingredients: Mint Tea (chilled), cucumber slices, lemon slices, fresh mint leaves.
    • Preparation: Mix chilled Mint Tea with cucumber, lemon slices, and mint leaves.
    • Consumption: A detoxifying beverage to stay hydrated and cleanse your system.
    • Storage: Consume within 24 hours for best results.
  • Mint Tea-Infused Bath Soak (for expired product)
    • Ingredients: Expired Mint Tea bags (remove the tea leaves), Epsom salt, lavender essential oil.
    • Preparation: Combine Epsom salt, expired Mint Tea leaves, and a few drops of lavender essential oil in a warm bath.
    • Consumption: A soothing bath to relax your body and senses.
    • Storage: N/A (Use expired product only for external purposes).


Our Mint Tea, derived from pure Mentha spp., offers a genuine minty experience. Ideal for vegans and those with gluten sensitivities, it provides a caffeine-free option that can aid digestion, freshen breath, and offer a moment of tranquility. Whether you're looking to unwind or invigorate, our Mint Tea is a timeless infusion that's suitable for all who seek a natural and refreshing herbal blend. Please note that detailed micronutrient information is not available for this product.