Organic / Bio Mucuna Powder
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Organic / Bio Mucuna Powder

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Organic / Bio Mucuna Powder

Weight : 100g

Mucuna Powder is derived from the mucuna bean also known as velvet bean or ice cream fruit which is a plant found all over the world in tropical climates

Mucuna Powder contains the very rare constituent L-Dopa, which is the building block for neurotransmitters in the human brain. An incredible amount of health concerns and ailments can be tied back to low neurotransmitter production and because of this mucuna can alleviate a host of issues including Parkinson's and other neuro-degenerative symptoms, reduce stress, combat depression, regulate sleep patterns and alleviate symptoms cause by sleep issues which can in turn enhance immunity and nervous system function.

How to use: Use 1 teaspoon daily. Simply add to water, smoothie or juice. Used in raw food preparation as this Mucuna powder has a rich caramel like flavor. Combine with other superfoods for a total brain tonic, including mushroom blends, cacao and gotu kola.