Organic / Bio Oolong Tea
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Organic / Bio Oolong Tea

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Did you know that oolong, green and black tea actually come from the same plant? The difference between these classics is the way in which they are processed. Oolong tea sits somewhere in the middle of the aging process. No longer green, yet not reaching full maturity to become black.

Oolong Tea naturally contain fluoride, thus, it could help prevent cavities. It is also a good source of micronutrients, polyphenols which help improve digestion issues, weight management and even neurodegenerative diseases.

How to use

Brew your oolong in the ‘small pot style’ by first steeping them for 5 seconds in hot water, simply to allow the leaves to uncurl. Then, steep 3-5 times at only 10-20 seconds each before straining to allow a depth of flavor to build for you to enjoy! Consume less than 1 liter per day. Ideally in the morning with breakfast and can be also consumed 30 minutes for lunch or dinner.