Organic / Bio Pea Protein 83% with Banana and Stevia
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Organic / Bio Pea Protein 83% with Banana and Stevia

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Organic / Bio Pea Protein 83% with Banana ans Stevia

Weight : 500g

Another great way to add a fruity sweet taste to your ketogenic smoothies, also great for banana breads. Remember, our pea protein contains grams of protein and blends very smooth!

Pea protein, the ideal choice of vegetable protein. The big advantage in comparison to other vegetable protein, is that it can be much more easily digested. It has excellent solulibility and neutral flavor that is ideal for any tasty combination. Added with Banana for its rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber & protein and Stevia for its rich anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, fiber and protein.

Usage: 30g 1-3times a day depending on the existing individual requirements. When combined with the beneficial fatty acids of virgin coconut oil, its fat burning action in the body is even more increased, and the metabolism is more stimulated. Add it in almond drink or any other non dairy beverage of your choice, soups, smoothies, fruit and vegetable juices. For even richer flavor you can add nut butter, honey or agave syrup.