Magnesium Oil Spray | Organic Aloe Vera

Magnesium Oil Spray | Organic Aloe Vera

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Natural Efe/ PHYSIS Magnesium Oil Spray - Organic Aloe vera 120ml 

Volume : 120ml

Pure Genuine Zechstein Chloride Magnesium with Organic Aloe vera


Magnesium Oil is renowned for being one of the most effectively absorbed forms of elemental magnesium, suitable for both oral consumption and topical application. It is often noted that absorption through the skin is faster as it bypasses the digestive system.  

For those already taking magnesium supplements orally, be aware that typically only 20-50% of that magnesium is absorbed. Increasing your dose may lead to diarrhea, highlighting the advantage of Magnesium Oil, which is absorbed efficiently through the skin without the gastrointestinal side effects.  

Using this oil transdermally eliminates the risk of diarrhea. For oral intake issues, simply lower your dose. Magnesium Oil has received positive reviews for its ability to help regulate bowel movements, particularly from those dealing with constipation or irregularity.  

This method of application is suitable for all ages, from infants to adults, and is ideal for those sensitive to taste. When applying to broken or sensitive skin, it is recommended to dilute the oil with pure water.