Magnesium Oil Spray | Plus Msm

Magnesium Oil Spray | Plus Msm

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Natural Efe/ PHYSIS Magnesium Oil Spray with MSM - 120ml

Weight : 120ml

Featuring Pure Zechstein Magnesium Chloride with Added MSM

Magnesium Oil represents an exceptionally bioavailable form of magnesium, suitable for both topical application and oral ingestion. It's believed that magnesium can be absorbed more rapidly through the skin, bypassing the digestive system for direct entry into the bloodstream.

For those already incorporating magnesium supplements orally, it's important to note that the absorption rate may range from 20-50%. Increasing intake excessively can lead to diarrhea. This highlights the advantage of Magnesium Oil, which is directly and efficiently absorbed through the skin, bypassing any digestive discomfort.

Topical application ensures a direct route to the bloodstream, mitigating any risk of diarrhea associated with oral consumption. For those experiencing loose stools, simply adjusting the dosage is advised. Magnesium Oil has been praised for its effectiveness in managing bowel regularity, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from individuals dealing with irregular bowel movements or constipation.

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