Organic / Bio Raw Buckwheat Noodles
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Organic / Bio Raw Buckwheat Noodles

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Organic / Bio Raw Buckwheat Noodles

Weight : 300g

Raw Buckwheat Noodles comes from buckwheat grains which is organic, non GMO, certified organic. One of the healthiest grains of all ages.

Nutritional Benefits & its Contribution

- High Protein Content

-Low Glycemic Index

-Complex Carbohydrates

-Aids weight loss due to its easy digestibility and high nutrition value.

- Highest Rutin Content. Rutin is legendary known to promote longevity among northern people.

- Potassium essential for muscle, nerves and heart

- Phosphorus metabolic for Proteins and Carbohydrates

- Magnesium is a key component for Calcium creation

-Calcium from bones to brain essential for various functions

-Thiamin necessary for sugar metabolism

-Niacin for nervous system, skin and digestive track

-Vitamin K for blood coagulation, liver functions and vitality

-Vitamin B6 good for metabolism of proteins and fats


How to prepare

Soak noodle into room temperature water for 40minutes or warm water (40 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius) for 25 minutes. Ready to eat with your favorite ingredients with soup or stir fry. No need boiling, just soak and ready to eat.