Tartary Buckwheat
Tartary Buckwheat
Tartary Buckwheat
Tartary Buckwheat

Tartary Buckwheat

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Weight : 500g / 1Kg

Original from China

The grain of Tartary buckwheat have shown preventive effects against several chronic diseases, including obesity, cardiovascular diseases, gallstone formation, and hypertension.
Tartary Buckwheat is uniquely rich in polyphenols like rutin, quercetin, luteolin and hesperidin
Magnesium and B vitamins are found in higher concentrations in Tartary Buckwheat flour
Tartary Buckwheat naturally produces 2-HOBA, a newly-discovered plant nutrient being studied for its effects on conditions ranging from high blood pressure to dementia
D-chiro-inositol is a special type of fiber found in Tartary Buckwheat that some research suggests can help improve blood sugar control.

Nutritional Facts :

1. Energy 1356
2. Protein 9.3g
3. Calories 304
4. Vitamin 3
5. Cholesterol 0

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