Organic / Bio Super Nettle
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Organic / Bio Super Nettle

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Organic / Bio Super Nettle

Weight : 200g

Nettle can be used for cooking or brewing for tea to help the circulatory system work better. And also help purify the blood In England, a drink from nettles is produced to nourish the blood. And used as an ingredient in cleansing the dirt from the hair And maintain the natural color of the hair Makes hair look good and weighty. Helps remove toxins and residues from the blood. Make your skin radiant and healthy. Iron and silicon in nettles Help to build blood cells and stimulate blood circulation. Thus making your skin healthy and bright

Benefits of Nettle

The benefits of this magical herb

-Reduce the Inflammation of body

-Reduce the risk of enlarged prostate gland

-Help the level of blood pressure lower

-Control sugar level in blood

Directions for use : Recommended to eat in tea form, about 3-6 grams per day.