Organic-Bio Teff Brown Flour แป้ง Teff สีน้ำตาล
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Organic-Bio Teff Brown Flour แป้ง Teff สีน้ำตาล

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Organic/Bio TEFF Brown Flour แป้ง TEFF สีน้ำตาล 500g

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Original from USA

Teff is high in resistant starch, a newly-discovered type of dietary fiber that can benefit blood sugar management, weight control, and colon health. It's estimated that 20-40% of the carbohydrates in teff are resistant starches.

Teff flour is typically used in injera, a traditional Ethiopian flatbread, but can also be used to make quick breads, muffins, pancakes, and cookies. It works particularly well in combination with other gluten free flours like buckwheat flour and almond flour.

Teff contains 20% to 40% resistant starches and has a low glycemic index (GI) rating – this makes it a great choice for diabetics to help manage blood sugar.

The high fiber content of teff is great for regulating digestion, helping relieve issues with diarrhea and constipation.

One serving of teff provides 10% each of your daily recommended value for vitamin B6 and zinc, nutrients essential for healthy cardiovascular, digestive, muscular, and nervous system function as well as strong immunity.

Teff is naturally low in sodium, making it a heart-healthy choice for people with high blood pressure or other cardiovascular risk factors.

A single serving of teff contains 69% of your daily recommended value for magnesium, a mineral essential for healthy function of the muscular, nervous, and cardiovascular systems.

Teff tops the charts for calcium content among ancient grains, containing 123 mg/1 cup cooked which is five times as much as whole wheat.

Most grains don’t contain significant amounts of calcium, but teff does – it is very beneficial for the immune system as well as healthy bones and tissues.

Benefit of TEFF Ivory :
1. High Source of Protein - Teff's high protein content increases metabolism, boosts energy, supports muscle growth, and speeds up recovery.
2. Healthy Bones & Teeth - Did you know one cup of teff contains the same amount of calcium in a half a cup of cooked spinach and even a glass of milk.

3. Gluten-Free - Teff is a natural gluten-free grain and a safe, nutritious option for people diagnosed with celiac disease and gluten intolerance and sensitivity.
4. Healthy Heart - Teff has been shown to effectively reduce blood pressure in several research studies, which reduces your chances of suffering from heart attacks, strokes and reduces the strain on your cardiovascular system.
5. Stronger Immune System - Teff contains vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and is a key component in collagen, which is needed to create new cells, organs, blood vessels and muscle tissue.

6. Blood Sugar Control - Teff is rich in fiber, manganese, and resistant starches, resulting in it having a low glycemic index, and is one of the best grains for blood glucose control.

Nutritional Facts :

1. Calories 366
2. Protein 12.2g
3. Fat 3.7g
4. Carbohydrates 70.7g
5. Fiber 12.2g
6. Iron 37%
7. Calcium 11%