Organic / Bio Triphala Powder
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Organic / Bio Triphala Powder

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Triphala powder is the ancient formula which combines three ayurvedic super fruit powders. This mixture can strengthen digestion and aid in assimilation of nutrients. Considered tri dosha herbal formula suitable for any dosha body type. As with other ancient and modern systems of holistic health, it is believed in Ayurveda to be the foundations for most imbalances and diseases. One of the most prescribed formulas in ancient and modern day ayurvedic practice. Very high in a wide range of anti-oxidants. Safe for long term use and maintenance. Stirred into hot water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and before bed. Anti-arthritic and known to improve eyesight as well.  

How to use: Small doses of between 1 teaspoon per serving for maintenance. Double consumption for a more immediate laxative effect.