Organic-Bio Granola | Crispy Tropical คริสปี้ กราโนล่า ทรอปิคอล 300g
Organic-Bio Granola | Crispy Tropical คริสปี้ กราโนล่า ทรอปิคอล 300g
Organic-Bio Granola | Crispy Tropical คริสปี้ กราโนล่า ทรอปิคอล 300g
Organic-Bio Granola | Crispy Tropical คริสปี้ กราโนล่า ทรอปิคอล 300g
Organic-Bio Granola | Crispy Tropical คริสปี้ กราโนล่า ทรอปิคอล 300g
Organic-Bio Granola | Crispy Tropical คริสปี้ กราโนล่า ทรอปิคอล 300g
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Organic-Bio Granola | Crispy Tropical คริสปี้ กราโนล่า ทรอปิคอล 300g

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Organic/BIO / GRANOLA / Crispy Tropical Granola | คริสปี้ กราโนล่า ทรอปิคอล 300g

Weight : 300g

Tropical Granola: A Wholesome Blend of Nature's Best

Tropical Granola, a cherished creation in the world of organic and vegetarian products, offers a delightful fusion of flavors and nourishment. This artisanal blend has its roots in the commitment to provide conscious consumers with a wholesome and flavorful breakfast option.

Tropical Granola boasts a harmonious medley of dried mango, golden flaxseed, buckwheat grains, sunflower kernels, coconut nectar, sesame, sea salt, and a touch of olive oil, creating a delightful tropical symphony of taste and texture. Whether sprinkled over yogurt, enjoyed with almond milk, or savored straight from the bag, its delightful crunch and natural sweetness make it an ideal choice for breakfast or a wholesome snack.

Features Based on Ingredients:

  • Dried Mango: Adds a burst of tropical sweetness and vibrant color.
  • Golden Flaxseed: Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and fiber for digestive health.
  • Buckwheat Grains: Nutrient-rich with a satisfying crunch.
  • Sunflower Kernels: A source of protein and healthy fats.
  • Coconut Nectar: A natural sweetener derived from coconut sap.
  • Sesame: Imparts a subtle nutty flavor and essential minerals.
  • Sea Salt: Enhances flavor while keeping sodium in check.
  • Olive Oil: Provides a touch of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.
  • Coconut Chips: Adds texture and a tropical twist.

Health Benefits:

  • Vegan and Gluten-Free: Suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions.
  • Organic and Bio: Made with carefully sourced, environmentally friendly ingredients.

Product Usage:

Tropical Granola is versatile and can be enjoyed:

  • As a nutritious breakfast cereal.
  • Sprinkled over smoothie bowls for added crunch.
  • Paired with yogurt and fresh fruit.
  • As an on-the-go snack to fuel your day.

Nutritional Information (Per Portion):

  • Portion Size: 1/2 cup (50g)
  • Calories: 210 kcal
  • Macronutrients:
    • Protein: 5g
    • Carbohydrates: 26g
    • Dietary Fiber: 6g
    • Sugars: 9g
    • Fat: 9g
  • Micronutrients (DV%):
    • Iron: 10%
    • Calcium: 2%
    • Vitamin C: 4%
    • Vitamin A: 6%

Suggested Portion Size for Health Benefits:

  • Optimal Portion: 1/4 cup (25g)
  • Metric: 125 grams

Vegetarian Recipes:

  • Vegan Tropical Granola Parfait:
    • Ingredients: Tropical Granola, dairy-free yogurt, fresh berries, coconut nectar.
    • Preparation: Layer yogurt, granola, and berries in a glass. Drizzle with coconut nectar.
    • Consumption: Enjoy as a wholesome breakfast or dessert.
    • Storage: Store granola in an airtight container.
  • Quick Tropical Granola Energy Bites:
    • Ingredients: Tropical Granola, nut butter, honey or agave syrup.
    • Preparation: Mix ingredients, roll into bite-sized balls, and refrigerate.
    • Consumption: Perfect for a quick energy boost on the go.
    • Storage: Keep refrigerated.
  • Granola Face Scrub:
    • Ingredients: Tropical Granola, yogurt, honey.
    • Preparation: Mix granola, yogurt, and honey into a paste. Gently scrub face, then rinse.
    • Usage: Exfoliate for radiant skin.
    • Storage: Not applicable.
  • Granola Detox Smoothie:
    • Ingredients: Tropical Granola, spinach, banana, almond milk, honey.
    • Preparation: Blend ingredients until smooth.
    • Consumption: Refreshing detox option.
    • Storage: Consume immediately.
  • Expired Product Solution:
    • Ingredients: Expired Tropical Granola.
    • Preparation: Crush and use as a crunchy topping for ice cream or yogurt.
    • Consumption: Reduce food waste and enjoy.


Tropical Granola offers a tantalizing blend of flavors and nourishing ingredients. Ideal for vegans and those with gluten sensitivities, its organic and bio-certified composition reflects a commitment to health and sustainability. Whether you seek a nutritious breakfast, a satisfying snack, or versatile culinary possibilities, Tropical Granola embodies the essence of mindful eating. Embrace this delightful creation, and elevate your culinary experience with a taste of the tropics.