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Body Wash | Sunflower, Lemon, Verbena & Hemp

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Body Wash | Sunflower, Lemon, Verbena & Hemp
Invigorating blend for fresh, hydrated skin. Ideal for daily use.
This Body Wash is composed of Organic Natural Plant and Seed elements along with probiotic based substances, no any chemical or synthetic agents are used it does not interfere with skin's natural microorganism life, helping preserve its immunity against environmental strikes. It is highly effective in melting natural dirt and grease, aside from inducing pleasant odors at the same time, washing off pathogenic bacteria.  
Also rich in Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3 & 6, provided by the Cold Pressed Sunflower pits oil which, by the way, is the highest source of Natural Alpha Vitamin E (22%), Natural Alpha Tocopherol and Omega 3 from the Hepm Seed Oil.
Beware, most Skin Care products use Tocopherol Acetate - (Vitamin E Acetate), produced in Laboratories. 
Ingredents : Oragnic Sunflower & Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Lemon Vervena Essential Oil, Kaffir Lime, Soapberry.
Directions : Wet Body, Rub Body Wash on skin until lather become small bubbles and rinse with clean water.

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