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Natural Efe | Throat Comfort | Yogi Tea Organic

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Ayurvedic blend with liquorice, fennel, thyme

The perfect way to soothe an irritated throat is with a cup of our Throat Comfort tea.We include wild cherry bark for both its soothing effects and pleasant fruity flavor. Our unique formula helps create a protective slippery coating along the throat lining, and its naturally sweet taste gives both children and adults something to sing about!

Yogi Tea Organic Throat Comfort - Singing, speaking, swallowing,
tasting. Our throat has a lot to cope with. This soothing, fruity
sweet tea is our way of saying thank you to our throats.
Liquorice and mullein combined with sweet cinnamon, orange peel
and fennel make this delicious, soothing tea enjoyable throughout
the day. The essence of this tea is: 'Comforting'.

Ingredients : Liquorice* (32%), fennel* (23%), cinnamon*, orange peel*, ginger*, thyme* (4%), mullein*, orange oil*, lemon oil*, cardamom*, black pepper*, cloves*, turmeric root*