Thai Freeze Dry | Noni Capsules / ลูกยอแคปซูล

Thai Freeze Dry | Noni Capsules / ลูกยอแคปซูล

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์Natural EFE/ Noni 60 Vegetarian Capsules 330mg / ลูกยอแคปซูล


100% Noni / Asia's natural herbal secrets / Premium Dietary Supplement

FDA : 51-1-01753-5-0022

Important Ingredient : Noni Fruit


Congratulation on making an excellent decision for your present and future well-being. By deciding to use our freeze dried noni fruit powder capsule, you have made an important investment in your good health and quality life.

Nature knows best. In a world filled with man-made solution that may always comprehend all their wider ramifications to your overall well-being, many people are looking to nature for balanced solutions that contribute to holistic health.

Ancient Indian and Chinese texts and Polynesian legends refer to the healing properties of Noni (Morinda citrifloia) 

100% Natural Organically Grown, Wild Crafted or Wild Harvested

No Chemical or synthetic additives. Nothing extracted other than water.

Thai Farm Fresh : We harvest only when the herb has reached full matutity. It must be delivered immediately upon harvest - "Farm Fresh" and is freeze dried to preserve the vital elements. Each capsule is then sealed in foil to prevent exposure to moisture and sunlight.

Recommended Daily Dosage 2 Capsules daily after dinner.

Store in a cool and dry place