Organic / Bio Red Maca Powder
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Organic / Bio Red Maca Powder

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Red maca is the rarest variety to be found in nature, and is known to contain more specific benefits for women's health and fertility, especially during menopause and pre-natal conditions. Red maca grows at extremely high elevations and is considered one of the most potent adaptogenic superfoods in the Andes mountains of Peru and Bolivia. Most Maca products contain an unknown mixture of all three varieties, making consistent and specified dosing almost impossible. We choose to purchase only 100% pure batches of each individual variety from our organic supplier in Peru. 

As a root vegetable, maca is always a good source of carbohydrates and amino acids. As an adoptogen, it can enhance energy, stamina and most notably athletic performance. It also helps to regulate hormone production and therefore fertility and sexual vitality. 

How to use: Use 1.5g to 5g per day, starting slowly and working your way up to higher doses. Add on smoothies, oatmeal and can add as an ingredient in baking. Maca has an earthy and sweet caramel flavor.